Giving Back


For busy (or broke) students, it can be hard to invest the sort of time, energy, or money that we may want into the causes we care about.

The founders of Re-Fridge certainly felt this way, which is why we’ve developed convenient ways for both our company and our customers to give. We believe our commitment to donate 20% of profits to charities that protect the environment and promote global education has a significant impact, and we hope  it encourages our friends and customers to make their own contributions.

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Friends of Kakamega

Friends of Kakamega is a small but growing non-profit that partners with a grassroots orphan care project in western Kenya founded by local Kenyan Quaker women. The program supports vulnerable children whose parents have died from HIV and AIDS, as well as other causes, by matching children with American sponsors...

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Sierra Club

The Sierra Club is one of the country’s largest environmental organizations. Founded by the renowned John Muir, their goals are to have everyone “explore, enjoy, and protect the planet”. And they accomplish this by preserving our national parks and reserves, finding alternative energy sources, and building an appreciation for nature’s...

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350 is part of a growing climate change movement. It gets its name from the scientifically recommended amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere needed to preserve the climate. Currently, there are about 400 parts-per-million of carbon dioxide in the air. And that number is going up by about two...

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

You’ve probably heard of Big Brothers Big Sisters before, as it is one of the longest-running and comprehensive mentorship programs in the country. BBBS matches at-risk children between the ages of six and 18 with a mentor whose influence helps them avoid engaging in risky behaviors. Part of the reason...

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