Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Re-Fridge?

Re-Fridge is a time saving, money saving, environmentally friendly solution to buying or getting rid of your college mini-fridge. Most of us only use a mini-fridge for our college years, and then we are stuck not knowing what to do with it. We likely paid a lot for our fridge, but get only a couple of years of use out of it – and it often spends the rest of its life in storage, wasting natural resources. At Re-Fridge we recirculate used fridges within your local area and sell them for significantly less than you would pay at a big-box store. Then, when you no longer need it, we’ll buy it back from you, and carry it away for FREE! This process eliminates waste and provides you with a better deal. Additionally, Re-Fridge gives 20% of profits to charities that protect the environment and promote global education because giving back is important to us.

How do I place an order?

Return to the homepage of our website where the links for “Buy a Fridge”, “Sell a Fridge”, “Store a Fridge”, and “Donate a Fridge” are located. Click on the service you are interested in, and follow the guided steps. If you run into any problems please contact support@re-fridge.com or call (207) 200-7872 for personalized help.

What happens if I can’t be there for the pickup or delivery of my fridge at the time I selected when I registered online?

If you want someone you trust to meet the Re-Fridge Rep on your behalf at that time, contact us at support@re-fridge.com or (207) 200-7872 and give us the contact information for your stand-in. Your stand-in will need to sign for your fridge. Alternatively, you can contact us at support@re-fridge.com or (207) 200-7872 and ask for an alternate pickup/delivery date and time. We will work with our Local Rep to try to arrange another time at no cost, but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to make this work, so the stand-in approach is recommended. You can also arrange a Personalized Delivery for a fee that will be calculated based on the distance of your school to the closest Re-Fridge warehouse.

What are the criteria for selling a mini-fridge to Re-Fridge?

Your fridge must be in decent working condition and have a tight sealing exterior door. That’s it! The value of your fridge will depend on its size, whether or not it has a freezer shelf or attached microwave, and the amount of cosmetic damage. But even if your fridge has been through hard times, or is the smallest of the small, as long as it works efficiently and will serve future students well, we’ll take it!

Does Re-Fridge buy broken fridges?

No. Sadly, if we can’t resell it, we can’t buy it. We promise all of our customers a fridge that works efficiently and safely, so if your fridge has damage that prevents that, we can’t take it.

What is the difference between Quick Sale and Standard Sale?

Are you short on time? A Quick Sale takes a minute or less! You confirm that you have a working fridge and tell us when and where to pick it up, and we’ll come to you! A Standard Sale, however, is our recommended procedure. It’s not a long process, but we ask you for the details of your fridge and then will give you an estimate of its value. We usually pay about twice as much to students using the Standard Sale procedure. For both services, a formal appraisal will be done when a Re-Fridge rep arrives to pick up your fridge, and then you will be paid on the spot accordingly.

How much will Re-Fridge pay me for my fridge?

Click Sell a Fridge and follow the steps under Standard Sale to get your price estimate. No need to confirm the sale if you’re not happy with the quote we offer. However, you could always consider donating your fridge. If it’s seen better days and isn’t worth much now, donating is a convenient and charitable way to get rid of your old mini-fridge. For every fridge donated to us, Re-Fridge will donate the value of the fridge, and kick in an extra $5, to charities that protect the environment and promote global education. And we’ll pick up the fridge, which means you don’t have to do a thing.

Does Re-Fridge offer free pick up?

Yes! Re-Fridge will come to your room, pay you for your fridge, and take it away without charging you a handling fee!

When does Re-Fridge pick up the fridges they buy?

That depends on your school’s schedule, but pickups will happen during “move-out” – the time when students are moving out at the end of the school year. Need a special arrangement? Contact us at support@re-fridge.com or (207) 200-7872, and we’ll do everything we can to arrange a FREE pickup that matches your schedule.

How much does it cost to buy a fridge from Re-Fridge?

Click on Buy a Fridge and follow the guided steps to see what’s available in your local area right now. You’ll see prices for each fridge in the top corner of the image.

What is the difference between a Choice Fridge, and a Budget Fridge?

Our Choice Fridges are what you’ll see if you click on the “Buy a Fridge” link on our homepage. They may be gently used, but otherwise work well. If you want more information on the specifics of a Choice Fridge, check out the Re-Fridge Choice Limited Warranty and Choice Fridge Description.

A budget fridge is a unit that’s seen better days. Though it is in full working order, with tight sealing doors and all the necessary parts, you will see signs of age such as scratches, stains, or dents. Since these units are past their prime, we price them to move. You can find our selection of Budget Fridges as the final option after scrolling through the choice fridges. To learn more about the specifics, check out our Budget Fridge Specification and Budget Fridge Limited Warranty.

Does Re-Fridge offer free delivery?

Yes, delivery to your room comes for FREE.

When can I have a fridge delivered to me from Re-Fridge?

This is dependent on your school’s schedule, but will generally occur within the first week of class or orientation.

What is the Re-Fridge Warranty?

All pre-loved Re-Fridge units come with a limited warranty.  To learn more, visit the Re-Fridge Choice Warranty or the Re-Fridge Budget Warranty depending on which type of fridge you are interested in, or have already purchased.

Where do donations to Re-Fridge go?

Donations given to Re-Fridge as part of the checkout process, and those we make on a customer’s behalf when they donate their fridge to us, are given to a number of vetted charities that protect the environment and promote global education. If you make a monetary donation during your transaction you can choose from our list of vetted charities where you’d like your contribution to go. (Just use the drop-down menu on that page.) To learn more about the organizations we support, please visit Re-Fridge Giving Back.

How much does Re-Fridge Summer Storage cost?

Summer storage costs one flat rate of $50, including free fridge pick up in the spring and free fridge delivery in the fall.

Can I store my fridge for a semester in addition to the summer?

Yes! Going abroad? We’ll happily look after your fridge while you’re away. Unfortunately, this service costs us a lot as we try to keep minimal inventory during the school year. So to keep a fridge in storage over the semester we apply an additional $100 fee.

What do past customers think about Re-Fridge?

Check out the Latest Reviews to see what people are saying about Re-Fridge!

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Re-Fridge home: buy sell fridge mini-fridge storage environment save money college