Quick History

Re-Fridge History: Buy or sell a fridge for your college dorm room. Save money. Help the planet.

Re-Fridge was founded by Mitch Newlin, a student at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, after he saw students leaving many unwanted or unneeded belongings behind during “move-out” at the end of the school year. What struck Mitch the most was the number of mini-fridges left in dorm rooms, on the curb, or in the trash, and he figured that even the fridges that were taken home weren’t likely to be used much again. Mitch thought there had to be a better way.

Mitch first tried out the Re-Fridge idea when he bought used fridges from classmates gearing up for summer vacation in 2015. He kept the fridges over the summer, and in the fall he sold them to incoming freshman at a discount over comparable products from big-box stores – and with the added convenience of picking them up and delivering them free of charge right to the students’ dorms. Word of the business grew and Mitch soon found himself busy. Within weeks, he was talking to friends and colleagues about ways to expand to other schools and further the beneficial impact of his idea. After months of hard work and organization, Re-Fridge was officially launched in March of 2016.

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