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At Re-Fridge, we pride ourselves on our environmentalism, our low prices, and our innovative attitude. But we also take pride in the work we do to help college students, whether that means saving them money on a dorm room fridge or giving them a chance to make some extra money.

There are four main ways that students can work with Re-Fridge. If you’re curious, click the links below to see more information about these opportunities:

Campus Representative
Brand Ambassador
Partnership Builder

You can read on to learn about different ways to work with Re-Fridge. If you’d like to get in touch with us directly or have specific questions, please email us at support@re-fridge.com.

Campus Representative

Re-Fridge campus reps manage and undertake almost all of our local operations. Our management team is located in Maine, and while we love to visit the campuses where we operate, it’s impossible for us to do all of our pick-ups and deliveries from our headquarters. That’s where our campus reps and assistant reps come in. As a campus representative, you would get paid to oversee the logistics of picking up and delivering fridges to students on your campus. Using the Re-Fridge app and inventory system, you would work to fulfill local orders.

The vast majority of this work falls around two weeks at the beginning and the end of the academic year, with occasional  orders and customer service work during the rest of the year. This is a great way to make some extra money without greatly impacting your academic or social life. It’s a perfect job for motivated people and self-starters. Since part of the compensation is based on commission, the more orders you fulfill and the more you are able to generate deliveries and pickups, the more money you can make. For entrepreneurial and outgoing campus reps, this can lead to large bonuses.

If you are energetic, friendly, independent, and responsible, we want to hear from you!

Interested in applying to become a campus representative? Great!

Brand Ambassador

Love Instagram? Constantly sending snaps? Are you a social butterfly? Do you find it easy to build a following on social media? We’ve got a job for you!

One of the key ways that Re-Fridge markets on college campuses is through our network of brand ambassadors. Our brand ambassadors work a few hours each week, on their own schedule, to promote our company through word-of-mouth, social media networks, through traditional marketing and advertising, and by helping to maintain relationships with school administrations. If this sounds like something that you would enjoy, we want to hear from you! We pay a competitive rate for hourly brand ambassador work, plus we offer generous bonuses based on performance.

Curious about the role of brand ambassadors? Our brand ambassadors work independently to: a) promote the company through traditional and social media; b) set up and participate in campus events relevant to our brand; c) distribute merchandise and gifts from the company; d) help guide, inform, and direct potential and existing customers; e) do networking on behalf of the company; and f) represent Re-Fridge on the campuses where we operate.

Interested in applying to become a brand ambassador? Awesome!

Partnership Builder

Re-Fridge’s success on a    campus is closely tied to the sort of relationship we have with that school, student body, and administration. That’s why we rely on students to help us build lasting and meaningful partnerships with administrators and students groups.

The specifics of the partnership program are very simple: Our partnership builders work on their own time, setting up meetings with administrators and student groups with a goal of entering into contractual partnerships. We give our partnership builders both the information and flexibility they need to begin dialogues with schools and student groups. In some circumstances, it may make sense for  Re-Fridge management officials to speak or meet with school administrations or student groups; we are always happy to participate and take a more active role. However, we leave most of the work to our partnership builders to research, plan, and engage with local administrators and campus groups. When official partnerships are formed, we pay the partnership builders generously for their time and effort.

Curious about compensation for partnership builders? Here are only a few of the ways Re-Fridge can partner with schools, along with the pay the partnership builder will receive:

Access to a student or parent email list serv: $500 plus bonuses based on list size
Mention in the first-year student welcome packet: $500 plus bonuses based on class size
Approval to post flier “campus-wide”: $50
Approval to do “campus-wide” tabling: $100
Approval for large on-campus event presence: $200
Listing at campus job center: $75
Official access to school-sponsored Facebook groups and social media accounts: $10 per group
On-campus space for  Re-Fridge storage: $500 and up

Interested in more information about becoming  a partnership builder? Phenomenal!


Re-Fridge franchising is coming soon. Are you interested in owning and managing a branch of Re-Fridge at your school? If you’re responsible, energetic, and entrepreneurial, you might be the perfect person to help us launch and test our beta franchising program.

Be among the first to own and manage an independent branch of Re-Fridge: Email us with some details about yourself and your desire to operate a local Re-Fridge franchise, and feel free to include prior experiences that would make you a strong candidate, at  support@re-fridge.com.

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