Re-Fridge is an organization of free-spirited and engaged individuals, who care about the world and our part in it. That’s why, built into our company culture, is a commitment to giving back.

Not only do we donate 20 percent of our profits to charity, but we encourage those around us, inside and outside the company, to volunteer their resources to worthy causes. Not to mention that our business has built-in environmental benefits. As a Re-Fridge customer, you can easily be a part of this great work! Donate your fridge to us, and we’ll donate the value of your fridge plus an extra $5 to charities that protect the environment and promote global education. Or consider giving a contribution at checkout, which we will pass along to a charity of your choosing.

Re-Fridge brings you  the easiest way to buy, sell, or store a mini-fridge. We make it convenient, offering complimentary pickup and delivery. We save you money, since our fridges typically sell for significantly less than they would at big-box stores. And if you’re selling a fridge, we’ll pay you right on the spot. Still need your fridge for the following school year, but can’t lug it all the way home? We will store it for you, and keep it safe over the long summer.





Mitch Newlin



Mitch oversees and directs all aspects of the company. He is currently studying economics at Bates College, and has been active in environmental causes for many years. During the past five years, Mitch has learned about entrepreneurship and customer service through his work with Brunswick-based Gelato Fiasco, and about philanthropy through his service as a volunteer and board member with Friends of Kakamega, a Maine-based non-profit supporting an orphan care project in Kenya. Mitch’s vision and executive leadership of Re-Fridge merges his naturally enterprising spirit with his passions for environmentalism and giving back.

Leah Bennett



Leah has played a key role in the launch of Re-Fridge, working with Mitch on nearly all aspects of the company. She continues to assist with the design, development, and execution of Re-Fridge operations and communications, and serves as the primary contact for customers and local operations   employees. Like Mitch, Leah has strong ties to Friends of Kakamega and the orphan care project it supports in Kenya, and through those connections she has experienced the positive and negative impacts of our globalized world. Leah is also committed to Re-Fridge as a company that is grounded to our global community by strong ecological and social connections.

Max Mogensen



Max has been a key partner with Re-Fridge since its inception, and Re-Fridge continues to benefit from his wide-ranging expertise. Originally from Maine, Max spent six years living, studying, and working in New York City before returning to the great north. He cut his teeth at marketing while working for Gelato Fiasco and has been helping businesses enhance their brand through creativity and design ever since. He is now the owner and creative director of Anchor Arts + Communication in Portland, Maine. When he’s not taking photos, perusing Instagram, or working on websites, Max likes to go camping, hiking, and skiing.

Matt Hird



Matt is a great asset to the Re-Fridge team. He works vigorously to make new partnerships with schools and students, particularly connecting with university sustainability departments to help them meet their environmental goals. He prides himself on contributing to a great business that gives back to society. Matt is also the founder of DishDrop, a food delivery service operating in central Maine. Through his running of DishDrop, Matt has strengthened his communication and marketing skills. He is a driven individual who has a passion for creating great things.

John Newlin



John’s main focus at Re-Fridge is on company culture (including policies, systems design, and communications), and he is the lead designer and instructor of the training system for Re-Fridge operations at the local level. He has extensive experience as an educator, technical writer, school reform leader (Great Schools Partnership), and non-profit CEO (Maine International Center for Digital Learning). He is a partner in the development of multiple climate-friendly startups, and he serves as the chair of the board of trustees of Unity College, the first college in the U.S. to fully divest from fossil fuel companies. His work is driven by an entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit.

Joshua Davis



Josh is the CEO and co-founder of Gelato Fiasco, the Maine-based creator of artisanal gelato and sorbetto. Josh has been instrumental in the creation of Re-Fridge by providing business strategy and marketing advice and serving as Mitch’s primary mentor in the business world. Mitch says that he’s learned more from Josh than from any class he’s ever taken. With his co-founder, Josh was named the Small Business Administration’s Young Entrepreneur of 2014 for New England. He serves on the board of directors of the non-profit community development corporation Coastal Enterprises, Inc. Josh graduated from Bentley University before co-founding Gelato Fiasco. He lives in Brunswick, Maine.

Bobby Guerette



Bobby has provided Re-Fridge with invaluable advice based on his experience as the Marketing Director at Gelato Fiasco, where he is focused on sharing Gelato Fiasco’s message and creating and maintaining great brand experiences across products, stores, and the web. He has specific responsibility for Gelato Fiasco’s brand identity, customer experience, digital platforms, communications, and community programs. Bobby was featured in Google’s 2015 Economic Impact Report for guiding the company’s use of the internet as a tool for growth. He graduated from Bowdoin College and lives in Portland.

Re-Fridge home: buy sell fridge mini-fridge storage environment save money college

Re-Fridge home: buy sell fridge mini-fridge storage environment save money college