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At Re-Fridge we strive to:

1) Sell college students exceptionally reliable refurbished mini-fridges that are guaranteed to work and priced significantly below big box stores, along with offering unparalleled convenience by providing free delivery to dorms and off-campus houses.

2) Offer college students a unique, hassle-free way to deal with unwanted but functioning mini-fridges – by going to dorms and off-campus houses, paying students on the spot, and taking the fridges out of the way.

3) Provide college students a convenient, reliable, and affordable storage service for mini-fridges, including free pickup and return delivery for one flat rate regardless of size.

4) Foster a spirit of global community and philanthropy among college students by donating 20% of our profits to charities that protect the environment and promote global education, and by informing the Re-Fridge community about worthwhile causes, and encouraging our customers to make their own donations; and

5) Promote an environmentally sustainable future by extending the useful lives of mini-fridges, thousands of which end up in landfills each year, and by contributing to environmental charities and organizations.

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