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“I used the Re-Fridge buyback service last year as I was in the midst of graduating Bates. Especially during the hectic times of the last few weeks of college, it was such a relief to have a convenient way to clear out my fridge and earn some money while doing it! I’d absolutely recommend using this service, especially for seniors approaching graduation and the move to the real world.”
Hannah Weiss, Bates College


“I was impressed by how easy it was. I was planning on trying to sell my fridge on Craigslist, but it was much easier to have you come pick it up directly.  Very straightforward and convenient service!”
Katie Donovan, Bates College


“The Re-Fridge buyback made moving out so much more convenient. My fridge was picked up from my fourth floor dorm room, and the transaction was straightforward and to the point. If I were to move out again, I would go this route again.”

Jamilia Ane’ Davis, Bates College


“I thought it was awesomely convenient. There was no way I could bring it back home, and I didn’t want to store it for the year I was abroad, so I had to get rid of it. I probably don’t speak for everyone, but I was definitely too lazy to actually find someone willing to buy it, so I was just going to leave it somewhere for free. So, I was super happy that you were willing to take it, move it, and that I got a little cash out of the deal. If I end up with another one of those fridges, I’d definitely consider using Re-Fridge’s service again.”

— Duncan Reehl, Bates College


“I was very pleased with the refrigerator I bought from Re-Fridge. It was delivered on time and I have had no problems with it. I got it for such an affordable price and it is a fantastic addition to my dorm room! Thank you!” 

— Eleanor Ross, Bates College


“Buying a fridge from Re-Fridge was super easy. Mitch met me on move-in day and helped me carry the fridge up to my dorm. The fridge was very clean, quiet when plugged in, and worked well. Would definitely recommend!”

Daisy Diamond, Bates College


“I had an excellent experience with Re-Fridge. The summer before my freshman year I found out about the business through my Class of 2019 Facebook page. I reached out to Mitch, who responded immediately with a variety of options. Mitch was extremely helpful in helping me pick out which fridge I wanted. On move-in day Mitch worked with my schedule and the fridge was delivered to my dorm.The process was quick and easy and Re-Fridge saved me serious money. I highly recommend!”

— Sam Huebschmann, Bates College


“Re-Frige posted an ad for fridges on my class’ Facebook page and I messaged them about buying one. They brought it to my dorm on move in day and it worked great. It was really easy to get the fridge, and I’m happy I bought it from Re-Fridge.” —  Willy Anderson, Bates College

buy sell fridge mini-fridge storage college environment save money Re-Fridge