Choice Fridge Description

The Re-Fridge Choice Fridge Description

Choice Fridges are the premium of Re-Fridges stock, brought to you a reasonable price. While they may be used, Re-Fridge Choice Fridges (and attached microwaves, if applicable) are guaranteed to be well-functioning, and of a reasonably up-to-date style, as follows:

  1. Has no more than fifteen (15) small dents (defined as an inverted mark on any surface that disrupts the flatness or overall shape of the mini-fridge that may or may not expose underlying metal);
  2. Has no large strains (larger than four (4) inches across at its widest point);
  3. Appears no older than six (6) years;
  4. Has a compressor, wiring, and electrical components in good working condition;
  5. Has tight sealing exterior door(s);
  6. Has no cracks or holes through the outside and into the interior compartment(s); AND

Has all critical pieces and parts


And all Choice Fridges come with the Re-Fridge Choice Limited Warranty!