Budget Fridge Specification

The Re-Fridge Budget Fridge Specification

Budget Fridges are fridges (and attached microwaves, if applicable) that have seen better days, but are still functioning great. Because of their appearance we are able to bring them to you at an even better deal!

We guarantee that each Budget Fridge:

  1. Has a compressor, wiring, and electrical components in good working condition;
  2. Has tight sealing exterior door(s);
  3. Has no cracks or holes through the outside and into the interior compartment(s); AND
  4. Has all critical pieces and parts.


Mini-Fridges will be designated as Budget Fridges if they have one or more of the following:

  1. Is missing some non-critical pieces and parts such as handles, shelves, and microwave plates and plate pieces (when applicable);
  2. Has dents (defined as an inverted mark on any surface that disrupts the flatness or overall shape of the mini-fridge that may or may not expose underlying metal) greater than fifteen (15);
  3. Has large stains (more than four (4) inches across at its widest point); OR
  4. Appears older than six (6) years


All Budget Fridges come with the Re-Fridge Budget Limited Warranty!