Friends of Kakamega

Friends of Kakamega is a small but growing non-profit that partners with a grassroots orphan care project in western Kenya founded by local Kenyan Quaker women. The program supports vulnerable children whose parents have died from HIV and AIDS, as well as other causes, by matching children with American sponsors who provide finances for food, clothing, shelter, security, and education. In the past 14 years this project has brought many children, who otherwise had few educational opportunities, through elementary school, high school, and even college. The program also supports students through an agricultural self-help program.

We choose to support this organization because the founder of Re-Fridge has spent many years working with Friends of Kakamega and traveling to Kenya to meet and get to know the children and staff. Through the years he has formed relationships and experienced first hand how this project has impacted the lives of many including his own.

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